Hills Moving Terms and Conditions

• I acknowledge that I have received and agree to the terms and conditions of Hills
Moving Contract and I understand about my insurance options. Extra insurance is
• Contract is to be reviewed and signed when the movers arrive.
• All downtime is billable, including movers lunch if movers have worked past 4
• 3 hour Minimum Charge and we round to the nearest 30 min there after.
• We charge from the time of arrival until completion of job.
• Charge of Travel Time is subject to the distance of your new place to our head office.
• Payment for services rendered must be received in full after the move. If customer
holds back payment or does not pay after the move is complete, Hills Moving will
add a $400.00 fee.
• Any claim of damages must be submitted in writing, via email
([email protected]) within 2 days from move date.
• Any claims after 2 days will not be accepted and Hills Moving will not be liable.
• Claims must be supported with pictures and description of damages. We will
thoroughly investigate and determine a resolution within 7 business days.
• It is the customer’s responsibility to read the Bill of Lading, Damage Policies and
Limits of Liability before signing and accepting the contract.
• Insurance is included with every move but there are exceptions to what will be
covered. Insurance covers damages to FURNITURE in the case of a motor vehicle
collision during transport.
• We do not cover any Electric Goods. Electric Goods include but are not limited to
Televisions, Stereos, Computers, ETC.
• We will not cover any structural damage to the home. For example, but limited to;
floors, walls, windows, or driveway damages will not be covered and can not be
• Hills Moving does not insure ANY Ikea furniture or any particle board items.
• Overnight Storage if applicable is $350.00 per night per truck. (If you do not get keys
for your new home)
• We do not take any Liquor and only small amounts of gas (Lawn mover with gas in it
is fine). They must go with the client.
• We do not take apart anything electrical. i.e gym equipment and light fixtures
• We do not take apart or put together infant cribs
• We do not cover any boxes that are packed by customer, unless there is clear proof
of physical damage to the box itself done by our movers. Dishware, porcelain,
glasses, pictures, lamp shades, specialty items are not covered if not packed by our
professional movers with adequate packing materials.
• We are not responsible for any jewellery, money, securities etc.
• It is the customer’s responsibility, before signing the agreement at the end, (i) to
inspect their belongings for reassurance that they were delivered in good condition,
(ii) to inspect the inside of the truck for reassurance that nothing was left behind.
• Items we will not take on our trucks: Bricks, concrete, hazardous material/waste,
propane tanks, flammables, wood, soil/dirt, plants.
• Movers will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including
but not limited to, standing pieces on end, sharp turns, over-crowded work areas,
difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing
over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes, and damage caused by weather. You will
be asked to sign a waiver if we agree to attempt any non-routine moving request.
We will Reserve the right not to carry any combustible items.
• We encourage customers to be with us throughout the entire move.
• All moves can be canceled up to 14 days prior to your move with no cancelation fee.
Any moves that are canceled less then 14 days to your move is subject to a $400 fee
+ HST.
• If the customer chooses to cancel their move and received a free box kit prior to the
cancelation a $95 + HST fee will be charged to the customer. Payment for the box kit
must be paid 24hrs from the time of cancellation.
• The Ontario Government has listed moving services as an essential service, and
therefore Hills Moving is still operating during the pandemic. We are following
every procedure and guideline to ensure that we are putting the safety of our
customers and staff first.
• Our employees have been advised to notify management immediately if they are
experiencing any signs of sickness even if those symptoms do not meet the
minimum requirements set by the Ontario Ministry of Health to qualify for Covid-19
testing. If any employee has a cough, fever, or difficulty breathing, they will not be
permitted to work without a doctor’s note stating they are fit to work. None of our
employees have been out of the country in the last 30 days.
• Hills Moving is taking every precaution and safety measure, including regularly
sanitizing trucks and equipment, and taking temperature checks on every employee.
Each employee is equipped with hand sanitizer, gloves, and face masks to prevent
the spread. We have also advised our staff to practice social distancing, maintaining
a 6-foot distance with our customers while on a move.
• We ask that our customers be mindful that during hot/humid weather, wearing a
mask while carrying heavy furniture up/down stairways or ramps can make it
extremely difficult to breathe and therefore can become a significant hazard.
• Hills Moving requests that no more than 2 customers be present in the home while
we move you. Having more people around would just be a risk that is unnecessary.
Please be respectful of our crew by maintaining a 6-foot distance while our workers
are on your move. We also recommend that our customers wipe down all surfaces
with disinfectant wipes. (i.e. banisters, doorknobs, and appliances.)
• We ask that our customers advise our office if you have been out of the country in
the past 14 days. Also, if you or any family member in the household is exhibiting
any signs of cough, fever or difficulty breathing please let our office know. If any
employees feel that you or a person in your home is showing signs of being ill,
they/we may decide not to proceed with the move.
• If customer(s) is not fully packed on the day of their move, the estimated time and
cost will be altered and may result in not completing your move.