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Hills Moving provides safe and competent moving services that you can always count on. Our services are available to all clients within the province of Ontario

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If you are moving into the area from another city, you need help moving your belongings with the help of movers in Barrie. Hills Moving is there for you, providing you with quality moving services at competitive prices. Those looking for accommodating movers in Barrie only have to give us a call to enjoy professional moving services. Aside from Barrie, our service areas include communities within Ontario.

The City of Barrie is considered the 34th largest in Canada in terms of population in a 2011 census, is nestled within Central Ontario. Due to its proximity to Toronto, it has become a notable bedroom community to the larger city’s workforce. To facilitate an ever-growing population of workers and commuters, the city has pushed for expansion southwards by creating more subdivisions for people to move into. Of course, Barrie’s charm is not just limited to its contiguity to Toronto; its historic downtown and waterfront have drawn tourists from all over.

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Hills Moving is a professional moving and storage company that means it. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable movers are more than ready to transport whatever items our clients in Barrie need moving. Our professionalism does not stop with our competency; we are also very honest with our pricing. We do not add fuel surcharges and the like to our billing, so customers only have to pay for services rendered without strings attached.

Indeed, our movers only start billing you the moment they arrive at the site; they will never charge you for the hours spent traveling to your location. Each bill also includes the costs for basic insurance, so that you pay enough to cover the entirety of the service and nothing else. Additionally, our movers are not bound by a limited number of hours to serve you. They will ceaselessly and carefully help you move all your belongings no matter how long it takes and should you need any help, you can always check our moving FAQ’s.

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Our company, being one of the top moving companies in Barrie, is committed to improving the moving experience of every customer we serve. We take our job of moving furniture and belongings seriously, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are happy with the way we carried out the transportation. You can count on our crew to arrive at your location in time to pick up your items. Moreover, we have adequate packing supplies on hand to keep your items safe from rough handling, so you no longer have to purchase wrapping paper and bubble wrap on your own. Our aim is to transform the normally tedious task of moving into a simple and worry-free experience.

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