Make the move to your new college campus a breeze

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Preparing for College Life

Are you getting ready for college this year? Congratulations! As GTA pro mover, we are all too familiar with the hype and excitement that people experience when they get ready to hit their new campus homes. Here are a few tips to make the move a breeze:

Coordinate with your roommate

Chances are good that you’re nervous and excited about meeting your new roommate. If at all possible, try to get their contact details beforehand so that you can coordinate your move. Meeting up on the day will give you a chance to discuss who takes which bed, where the desks will be located, and how you want to decorate your room. You may think it’s perfectly okay to decorate the place with Hawaiian flowers and fairy lights, but rather wait and ask before you and your roommate get off on the wrong foot.

Negotiate an early move-in date

Some campuses will let you move in a day or two early. This will help you avoid the masses of movers and give you a chance to explore your new home, campus and all the vicinities.

Locate a hardware store

Many people try to make sure they have everything they need on move in day, only to discover that they forgot a curtain rail, need thumb tacks or have to pop out to buy something simple like masking tape. Locate a local hardware store so that you know where to go if you need something urgently on moving day.

Hire reliable movers

Hiring the right movers in Toronto can make your move a breeze. Reliable GTA moving companies will make sure that your belongings are picked up on time and that your move is quick and painless.

Contact Hills Moving for GTA movers when you make the move to your new college campus.

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