How to Pack Fragile Items for Your Home Relocation

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One of the scariest aspects of moving is transporting your fragile items. Here are some packing tips to move your delicates without any damage.

1.Select Your Container

 Cardboard boxes are the moving staple for Toronto moving companies. However, they may not be sturdy enough for your fragile possessions. So, consider investing in plastic storage containers. Keep the boxes or containers for fragile items small so that they are placed on the top of all the other boxes in the truck.

2. Pad Your Container

 Add padding to the bottom of the container. Nestle your breakables in protective packing materials such as Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, and tissue paper.

3. Group Your Goods

 Dinner plates, saucers, and the like stack well together, so pack like with like. Wrap your glassware individually with packing paper and place scrunched up paper inside the large pieces to reduce empty space.

4. Specialty Items

 Oddly-shaped family heirlooms can be a menace to keep safe! You want to keep the breakable item snug and stable during your move. Use bubble wrap liberally and secure it with tape. Use pliable cardboard to form your own box around the bubble wrap, and tape that into place too. If you have a piano, you will need to get in specialist piano movers.

Find Moving Companies in Toronto to Help with Your Move

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