Furniture Assembly: Save Your Time And Sanity!

The reality is assembling furniture alone is time consuming, tedious and frustrating. Ensuring you have the right tools, parts, spares and then trying to follow instructions that appear to be drawn by a 3 year old with no dimensional or directional aptitude can be a headache of a job. In many cases, during a dyi assembly project, furniture can be damaged beyond repair and instead of showcasing your new furniture with pride, you’re busy trying to hide the damage. Ready-to-assemble furniture is very popular and while you’re most likely capable of assembling it yourself, you’re feeling guilty because you don’t want to. That’s okay! Ease your guilt by justifying the decision to hire a professional mover specialized in furniture assembly.

Your Time is Valuable
Yes, it’s true. Between work and life demands, you have very little time as it is. Why would you want to spend that time doing something that a professional can do for you, at an affordable price?

Unclear Instructions
We all know some unnamed furniture chains who use fun names and characters for their furniture use the same technique when it comes to writing instructions. Our teams have put together almost every type of pre-pack furniture and can do it almost by memory.

Is Your Body Really Still Flexible?
Let’s face it, you’re not a teenager anymore. Assembling can be like a solo game of Twister. The result is back pain, stiff legs, and the list can go on! Larger pieces of furniture generally require two persons to hold the pieces in place and our 2 personal crews of moving professionals have some of the best experience in the industry.

Avoid the Fight
No matter how well you know someone and get along with them, assembling furniture together can tear you apart faster than you doing the same to those unclear instruction manuals previously mentioned.

Placed In The Perfect Spot
When assembling, you want to use the biggest space available to you but that’s most likely not where you want the new furniture. Our teams moving experience and expertise offers a great option to place it where you want it without damage.

In summary, while you could do it yourself, do you really want to? In a world where most of our time is consumed with work, family, community involvement… Do you really want to add more to your plate assembling and disassembling furniture? Give us a call, let us save you time, patience and relationships!

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