Organization Tips For Moving Into Your New Home

If you recently moved, you may have found yourself looking around your new home filled with cardboard boxes feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with 6 easy tips to keep you organized and help build a happy, beautiful, and organized home.

Take A Breather!
Ok! You’ve managed to declutter, pack, and move every item you own in order to build an even better life for yourself in a different space. I’m going to say it, because you need to hear this…Congratulations! What you’ve accomplished already is no small feat! Celebrate your success. Yes, moving can be extremely stressful at times, but it also represents the next chapter in your life. Take a breather, soak it in and and enjoy these moments with your loved ones.

Create An Area To Keep You Organized
Well at this point your probably beginning to see some light at the end of the “moving day” tunnel. But before you begin unpacking your boxes, find an area in your new home that will be your go-to spot for staying organized. Make an area for your unpacking supplies and keeping important papers safe. Create a box that contains box cutters, Post-It notes, sharpies and trash bags and keep it handy, so you can find your supplies as you unpack different sections of your home.

Unpack Your Kitchen Supplies First
The move is officially over, now begins phase 2 of this adventure.  You may find yourself looking around asking yourself  which room should you unpack first? Where do I begin? Tackle the hub of the home first, the kitchen.

So, where do you begin with the kitchen? Try unpacking kitchen boxes and sort your kitchen items into categories. Once you see all the items that need to be put away, it becomes much easier and less overwhelming to determine the best spot for those items

The Bedrooms
Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to rest, relax, and unwind. It can be so easy to throw random boxes into your bedroom because you want the rest of the house to look on point as house guests visit you at your new home. Don’t worry about them. No one expects your home to look picture perfect. Seriously, you just moved. Take it easy on yourself. But on another note, how many times over the course of your life have you hid miscellaneous boxes or items in your bedroom? Probably a few times and they’ve probably stayed there for a while! A random box being used as a makeshift table in the corner of the room to it being draped with your dirty clothes until laundry day. Organize your bedroom, and keep the non-bedroom boxes elsewhere.

Declutter As You Unpack
Hopefully, you had the opportunity to declutter before your move, and didn’t bring any unwanted items along for the ride. Life happens and sometimes we run out of time before moving day with work, kids soccer practices, meet the teacher nights… you know Life! Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us!
As you unpack your boxes, look around your home and recognize the fresh canvas you have to work with. As you unpack think about this. Do you want the item that you hold in your hand to be a part of your new space? If you love it, then absolutely keep it. If you don’t, consider why you your having difficulty getting rid of that item.  At the end of the day, will it really work in your new home or just take up space.

Take It Slow And Try To Have Some Patience!
Guess what? The hard part is over…you moved. There has never been an award for unpacking your boxes in record time. And the last time I checked there are no plans for making it an Olympic sport anytime soon! In fact, I recommend that you take the first week or so after a move to explore what’s available to you in your new area. The unpacking will get done eventually. It takes time to get a home together, remember your previous moves?

I’ll finish off with this old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. So, be patient and don’t rush. As you slowly organize your new home remember, your creating a new sanctuary for you and your family. Once again, Congratulations and enjoy your new well organized space!