Our Team



Brandon founded Hills Moving in 2005. He decided to start a moving company due to a bad experience with a moving company when he was younger. Brandon strives to maintain Hills Moving as an honest and trustworthy company that continues to be dependable for his customers.


Office Manager

Renee joined Hills Moving in early 2019. She comes from a career in Advertising who worked on such clients as Jaguar, Ford and LG. Renee believes that great customer service is a key component in making a company successful and puts these beliefs in her daily interactions with our customers.



Sales Manager

Brad joined Hills Moving in 2021. He has an extensive background in the Sales & Service industry, managing accounts for companies such as West Hill and American Express. Brad’s commitment to excellent customer service stems from the belief that strong communication and care leads to satisfaction for all parties.

Save Time, Effort & Money

Hills Moving has been providing excellent services to individuals, families, and businesses for the past 15 years and counting. We continue to be a top-notch Moving Company by specializing in high-quality, affordable moves with excellent customer service.