Is Research Really That Important When Choosing A Mover?

The short answer… Yes it’s extremely important! When you make a final decision on which moving company you are going give your business to, there were probably some factors which made you choose one over the other. You are at the end of the day about to turn over all of your household possessions, family heirlooms, and cherished belongings to someone you haven’t met before. Choosing the right mover especially one you can trust, can avoid serious emotional stress, damaged cargo and unexpected financial costs to you and your family.


Cheap prices, unrealistic promises, ransom demands, extortion. Yes, that stuff unfortunately happens far too often when one moves and doesn’t research their mover.

Moving companies that don’t own at least a few trucks, have offices, or even their own manpower, will certainly have no insurance or workplace safety certificates that leave consumers liable for any worker accidents in their homes. These con artists take no responsibility for the level of service delivered because they sell off the business to anyone who will agree to accept the order and move on to their next deceitful venture

There are many scam operators out there deliberately trying to confuse the customer – they will provide estimates with one company, then a sister company comes and picks up the shipment, then the credit card is charged through a third company, so the consumer has no idea who has their things because they don’t fully know who they are dealing with.

Be certain that the company you choose does in fact have the resources to do the job.


Moving is more than relocating your belongings to a new home. It represents the beginning of a new chapter in your life. A pretty big event right? Moving into a new home requires time, patience, money and trust. When doing your research be aware of things that don’t feel right when you learn about them, because they probably aren’t.

Here are some common red flags you should be aware of:

 • Operates without a physical address (so you can’t find them)

 • Doesn’t own their own trucks

 • They will only accept cash (so you can’t stop payment)

 • Refuses to put their promises in writing (so you can’t prove anything when something is not delivered upon)

 • Won’t do a visual survey of your home to confirm the size of the move (so they can potentially demand more money after pick-up of your belongings)


The Canadian moving industry is unregulated federally and each province has its own legislation regarding moving services. Shady operators have learned how to get around local regulations by operating their businesses unethically and manipulating consumers. Hence the importance of doing your research before making your final decision.

Here are a few tips on things to look out for when doing your due diligence when conducting your research:

 • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any open complaints or investigations

 • Read online reviews from past customers left on Google and Social Media platforms

 • Get quotes from different movers

 • Get all special promises that have been agreed upon in writing

 • Find out how and when payment is required

 • Ask what happens if something is broken or lost

 • Make sure there are no hidden fees on your invoicing and pricing is transparent and upfront.


The quality of a product or service matters more than just a low price tag! Although there is nothing wrong with being budget-conscious sometimes going with the cheapest price can turn into the costliest move. Ultimately all services are not created equal, even if they appear to be the same on paper. Just because two services are the same price doesn’t mean they’re of the same quality. Please keep this in mind, In some cases, it’s worth paying more for a higher-quality? that will provide better results and convenience at the end of your move.

Remember If it looks and sounds too good to be true, it is. Why take the chance on your move? We have all either experienced firsthand or heard about a moving disaster from a friend or family member. Moving can be stressful! Working with a reliable moving partner and one you can trust will make a difference in the outcome of your move.