How to Unpack After Your Home Relocation

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Some people prefer packing to unpacking and vice versa. Some people cannot bear either! Whichever way you look at it though, the trick is to have a well-thought-out plan to tackle the process. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy smooth and stress-free unpacking after your home relocation.


Unpacking One Box at a Time

  • Ideally, the best way to ensure unpacking success is to take off enough time (sans children and other distractions) to get the job done in one go.
  • If, however, your unpacking time is limited to evenings and weekends, set yourself a schedule that is both reasonable and not too drawn out, e.g. each family member must unpack two boxes per night.
  • For the boxes that are more difficult to unpack – such as garage items and others that require organization or washing – set aside time over the weekend. Determine what you want to accomplish, build in rewards, and stick to your schedule.
  • Rather than being unnerved by half-completed rooms, the golden rule is usually to unpack a room at a time. If the time to unpack is limited, a good idea is to unpack bedrooms in the evenings – allowing each member of the family a chance to get comfortable into their own spaces. Save multi-use rooms for weekend family input.
  • Use your copy of the inventory list to make sure you go to exactly the right box and do not waste time opening the wrong boxes. Start by unpacking what you will need to keep your home running – your kitchen is normally top of the list.

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