Eight Things To Do Before Your Moving Company Starts Packing

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  1. Create a POA

Your plan of action will determine everything else. Decide if you are using mover or doing it yourself.

  1. Pare Down Your Belongings

Moving home is the perfect opportunity for a thorough clear out. By joining the minimalistic movement, you will only be hauling the goods that are useful or that spark joy

  1. Confirm Your Moving Date

There are so many variables at play when it comes to a move that confirming the date is often trickier than it sounds. Having done so, though, you have a timeline from which to work, rather than uncertainty.

  1. Notify Relevant Parties of Your Move

Financial – your employer, banks, lawyer; credit card providers, insurance company, tax department.

Utilities – water, gas, electricity.

Services – post office, telephone, internet, TV licencing department, subscriptions, health professionals.

  1. Clear out Your Cupboards

Start eating all those perishables in your refrigerator. You will need to defrost your freezer close to moving day, so eat your way through that too! Start using up all the half-bottles of cleaning products etc. that are not worth moving.

  1. Call In The Troops

If you have children you may need a babysitter for the day of your move. Pets need care around a move too, as they may bolt at the arrival of the movers. Book these in advance, and confirm closer to the date.

  1. Pack Your First Night Survival Kit

Essential items such as toilet paper, pj’s, toiletries, and snacks must be handy for the end of your exhausting move. Keep them packed in an overnight bag or well-marked box that you can locate easily.

  1. Charge Your Phones 

The last thing you need is a dead battery should anything not go according to plan during your move.

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