Protecting Your Home against Moving Damages

A lot of things can go wrong during a move, and that is why the process gets so stressful. The potential for damages is one of the biggest worries that you may have when moving. Most people fret over damages to their valuables like furniture and china and forget about the potential damage to the home. There is always that chance that floors, ceilings, walls and fixtures could suffer destruction when movers are doing their job. If you are moving in Toronto, you have to consider the protection your home needs.

Protecting Your Home against Moving Damages

Some movers in Toronto and Newmarket such as Hills Moving will offer you services that include home protection. You must ask about that before you even sign the contract. In select instances, you may have to take those measures yourself to keep your home safe. Here are a few ways you or the movers can shield the house against moving damages.

The Doors

During a move, it is easy for doors to suffer damages. Movers have to go in and out, which may have an effect on the doors, especially the hinged ones. Putting a door jamb before starting the moving process will keep it open for movers. It will also save time when movers don’t have to put things down wherever they need to open the door properly.

Door Frames

The door frames will also need projection. Heavy items can easily scratch the door frames, or even put dents in them. Pads on the door frames will give the surfaces the protection they need. Even if there were bumping between items and the frames, it wouldn’t be a problem.


The floors can get the worst of the situation when moving. Some floors are particularly more vulnerable than others, for example, hardwood or tiled floors. A move can also damage any carpeting that you may have. Movers sometimes put floor runners on the floors that will receive most of the traffic. Central hallways, for instance, should have runners to absorb the friction from all the movement. Plastic sheeting can come in handy when dealing with carpeted floors.


If your home has staircases, you will want to protect the banisters, especially if they are made of wood finishing. Movers can use special pads to wrap the banisters. If banisters are removable, then movers may opt to take them apart and then put them back after the move. For a simpler option, you can wrap blankets around the banisters and use tape to keep them in place.

If the Newmarket movers you hire are providing the protection for your home, then ensure you find out about the costs beforehand. Ask them to indicate it in the quote to avoid last minute charges.


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