When Is the Best Time to Schedule Your Move?

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Research shows that moving houses is one of the top three causes of stress. Two out of every three people have said that when they moved houses, it was their number one cause of stress. GTA movers have all said they can move you with the least amount of hassle and worry, however, Hills Moving has a plan to eliminate the drama and concern that goes with such a big undertaking. Packing up all your belongings, and those of your kids, and your garage and the attic can be a huge problem looming on the horizon – and you must keep track of what is packed where – oh boy…

Haul out your calendar

There is no best time to schedule your move. If there is it would be a personal choice, like before your son’s 21st, or before you go on vacation for 2 weeks for example. As far as movers go, it may be easier for them if you schedule the move for the middle of the month when they are not busy and can focus entirely on you – although any time of the month is a good time for any moving company worth their salt. Toronto moving companies can move you anytime you like. Why not give one of them a call? Hills Moving – always ready for your move.

Some people prefer to move any day except a Friday. It being the end of the week, the movers will be rushed. You will be rushed because the gas and power connections must be done before the weekend. It is probably also cheaper to move in the middle of the week when the movers in Toronto are not busy. Companies like Hills Moving can give you all the information and advice you need to decide when the best time is to move. They will give you their rates and because of their experience, they can also advise you on when is the best time to move.