Mississauga Movers Tips: How to Safely Pack Your Fragile Belongings

Nobody wants to move in to their new home only to find out that their best China plates, fancy wine glasses, and porcelain antiques have been damaged during the move. The movers might be the one to deliver the goods, but your items will still be at risk if you packed your fragile items the wrong way. To avoid this situation, trusted Mississauga movers urge you to follow these simple packing tips:

Mississauga Movers Tips How to Safely Pack Your Fragile Belongings

Sort Out Items by Kind

When you start packing, you should be as organized as possible. Sort out your items by kind where there is plenty of space to move around. As you’re sorting through your stuff, make an inventory indicating how many items of each kind there are and how many boxes it will take to pack them all. Take your time when packing breakable stuff and gently handle them.

Use the Right Packing Materials

Days before the move, you should have already bought all the packing supplies you need. You need thick cardboard boxes of varying sizes, packing paper, scissors, cutter, heavy duty packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. These should be just about everything you need to safeguard your valuables while they’re in the moving truck.

Pack Light

The boxes you choose for packing should not weigh more than 50 pounds to allow the movers to pick them up easily. Start off with a layer of packing paper on the inside of the boxes then wrap each item with packing paper or bubble wrap. Arrange them neatly in the box, heaviest at the bottom and lighter things at the top. For other breakable stuff like vases or large figurines, wrap them in packing paper and place them in a box filled with packing peanuts.

Seal Boxes Tightly

Once everything is in their respective boxes, it’s time to seal them up. Use a heavy duty packing tape to secure the box flaps so they don’t fly open during the move. Box sealing tapes are ideal for this purpose since they are very sturdy. Make sure that you seal every box.

Label or Mark Boxes

Lastly, mark with the word “Fragile” so the movers will take extra care when handling them. You can use red stickers instead if you want a more eye-catching label. For the finishing touch, draw on arrows on the sides or at the top to point which side should be up.

Following these tips can help ensure that your valuables get safely to your new home. Once you are done with the packing, it’s time to get in touch with reputable movers in Mississauga like Hills Moving.


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