Pack Right: Experienced Movers Can Give Advice on Packing Solutions

For Barrie residents planning a move, experienced movers can be a lot of help. This is especially true in the packing aspect; many people who haven’t moved before often think that all you have to do is get a few boxes together and throw everything in and tape it down. However, this is a recipe for disaster as a lot of things can go wrong when your belongings are improperly packed. Here are a few tips on how to avoid any problems during the big day.

Pack Right Experienced Movers Can Give Advice on Packing Solutions

The Right Supplies

It all starts with the right materials. The ideal packing supplies can ensure that everything goes well for your move. First, there are the boxes. Cardboard moving boxes can be bought at many hardware stores; you’ll need to have enough of them to comfortably contain your belongings. Select the boxes that you need by their capacities and sturdiness. Try to get ones in various sizes: large ones for bigger items and for multiple items like clothes, and smaller ones for fragile objects like fine china and dishes.

Once you’ve got the boxes, it’s time to turn to other packing supplies. Padding is crucial to ensuring the safety of your more fragile possessions. You can use old newspapers to do the job, but if you really want proper protection, purchase bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Packing tape is another essential item that you need; you’ll need one that sticks well and keeps your boxes properly sealed while in transit.

Proper Packing

Once you’ve got enough supplies, it’s time to start packing. First, you’ll need to know how to properly pack your fragile items. This is done by selecting the right boxes for them; they should be large enough to give you arm room to carry your items, with some space on the sides. You then place padding inside the box, lining it with either shredded old newspapers or packing foam. You can then wrap your fragile objects with bubble wrap before placing them inside. Ensure that the box is secure with packing tape.

As for more durable objects, don’t fill up boxes to the brim; leave some space and take into account weight considerations for transport. Also, remember to label the boxes properly: what they have inside and what orientation should they have during handling (“this side up”).

Preparation Ensure Success

Proper organization can ensure that your move is trouble-free. Your movers will definitely appreciate the thought you’ll put into your efforts.



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