How to Move Difficult Items Safely

From fish tanks to wine collections, how will you move your difficult items safely?

What Are Some of The Craziest Items

Moving companies in Toronto can probably write a book about the crazy things they have come across in their line of work. Without divulging names, here is a list of some of the weirdest things moved by movers:

  • Trophy animal
  • Taxidermy cats
  • 13 cats (Yes, thirteen!)
  • A huge ball Python
  • Batmobile – as in Batman’s car
  • Love toys
  • Cremation urn for ashes
  • Red Bull Voting Booth
  • A life-size leg lamp

Some of The More Common Difficult Items

  • Fish tanks are not as fashionable as they once were, but they require careful moving expertise.
  • Big musical instruments are complex goods. They need professional care when being moved. It is best to hire specialist piano movers.
  • Antique crystal chandeliers are darling to look at but nerve-wracking to move. Slow and steady, you will need to carefully wrap the individual glass pieces in foam packing paper or thin bubble wrap before placing the unit in a custom box.
  • Tanning beds are bulky and fragile. You will need a large enough box and plenty of padding to ensure that your sunbed arrives in one piece.
  • Pinball machines and other arcade type games are classics which need extra attention when being moved. Wadding with a capital “w” is needed to protect these items from damage.

For these goods and other difficult-to-relocate items, it is advisable to hire professional movers to avoid heartbreak.

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