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The next step after booking your chosen best and cheapest moving company is to get a head-start on packing so that your move is as smooth and as stress-free, as it can possibly be. Here are our top tips for packing and moving your clothes.

  • Go Through Your Closet

Before you even get started, you need to decide which items you no longer want or need. Packing these items is only going to require extra space and effort, so it’s best to get rid of them now. Store them in a refuse bag or a box and donate them to a charity shop before the big day.

  • Sort Your Items

This will make unpacking a lot less time-consuming. You can either sort them according to the occasion (i.e. all smart work clothes in one box, casual items in another) or according to type (all shirts in one box, all pants in another).

  • Keep a Few Items Separate

Obviously, you will need a change of clothes on moving day, especially if you don’t plan on starting to unpack for a while. Keep these essential items separate in an overnight bag for easy access.

  • Label Everything Clearly

The only thing more tiring than packing your clothes away, is having to unpack them again! The least you can do is make it as easy on yourself as possible. Once you have successfully filled a box, don’t forget to label it clearly on the outside using a dark-colored marker.

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