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Oshawa Ontario Canadian Moving CompanyOshawa was once a center for the automotive industry, but now education and science are more prominent, and is only 60km from downtown Toronto. The proximity to Lake Ontario, Toronto, and great transport links, lead many people to choose Oshawa as a great place to live. Whether you’re moving within the area, or over a longer distance, it’s best to take the time to choose the right moving company

Moving house can be a stressful time, but you can reduce the stress by getting things organized early on. If you know the date is likely to be near a major holiday, you’ll want to book your Oshawa mover as soon as possible, which could be literally months in advance.

Whether you’re wanting to move a whole business, a family, or just a few items, you want to be sure that your property and possessions are well looked after. Hills Moving can handle anything in the Oshawa area – they have a reputation for excellence and friendliness as can be seen from the testimonials.

If you want to check out reputations of moving companies in Oshawa, then you can search for testimonials from customers, but there are a few official sources to look at as well. These include the Better Business Bureau, the Canadian Association of Movers, and there’s also the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services’ Consumer Beware List.

When you’re deciding on how to get your possessions moved in Oshawa, you want to look at the total cost as well as the reputation of a business. Find out exactly what is included in the deal, and how much insurance cover there is. If you have to provide your own packing materials, or pay extra for insurance, then it all adds to the cost of the job.

To keep costs down, make sure you’re not moving any items that you don’t need, or might be replacing soon anyway. Find the time to sort through your house and throw out or donate things that are not required. You could even hold a moving sale if you’ve got lots of things to get rid of.

Also, it’s a good idea to make a note of high-value and fragile items. Check the insurance details to see if any individual items might be excluded, requiring an extra fee or excess payment in the case of damage. The movers may like to have fragile items marked differently to ensure careful handling.

While you’re checking insurance details, have a look at how your house is covered for damaged caused during removal. Doors and stairways can end up with some extra scratches and scrapes which you may need to sort out before the new owners move in.

When you get quotes from any movers in Oshawa, it’s important that someone actually sees your property – don’t get a quote over the phone. And try not to forget anything; like your stuff stored in the attic, for example. If you want to add things to the move, the quote will need to be amended.

Apart from moving your physical property, don’t forget that you need to change your address for many services – utilities, medical facilities, banks, phones, and any other subscriptions.

A week or two near the moving date it’s a good idea to confirm the booking with the moving company, especially if you’ve not heard from them since the original quote. An Oshawa company like Hills Moving will supply you with packing materials, and most of the packing should be done about a week before the move.

While you’re packing, think about what you want to take with you personally – important documents like passports, and small valuable items like jewelry. It will help the movers if you can prepare a detailed map and directions, as well as your phone numbers.

It might also be worth packing overnight things; you might not want to be searching through large packing cases after a long and busy day of moving house. Try and squeeze in something nice too – maybe a bottle of wine or some nice cake. Something to celebrate finally getting into your new home!

Out of all the moving companies in Oshawa, Hills Moving has been the perfect choice for many customers. They like the fact that the company will work to a budget for an hourly rate, and many items are included in that rate, that other companies would charge extra for. These are things like mattress bags, eco-friendly packaging, and tens of thousands of dollars in insurance cover.

Oshawa movers Hills Moving will supply all the packing materials you need upon receipt of a $100 deposit. This fee is paid to confirm the job once you are happy with the quote that has been provided, and it will be deducted from the final bill. Once you get a written quote from an Oshawa mover, the final bill must by law be within 10% of the original figure – this helps your peace of mind if the budget is tight.

On the actual day of your move, don’t forget to check your utilities and any other services for their final account balance. If you have physical meters to read, then take photos of them for proof of the amounts. And when you get to your new place and you get the keys, have a quick think about security. How many people have had access to those keys? It may be a good time to book someone to change the locks.

As we’ve seen in this short article, there are many things to think about when moving house – many tasks to sort out and lists to make. If you’re in the Oshawa area and wanting to put your mind at ease with at least some of those tasks, then choosing a quality house mover like Hills Moving is a step in the right direction. Let someone else take some of the strain for you, and it will help you relax a bit and think more clearly about the whole process. Clear thinking and planning means a smoother move, and you start to enjoy your new home all the more quickly.

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