A Moving Company Lists Down the Must-Haves of Every Moving Day Kit

These past few days might have had you worrying about packing all the things you’ll need to bring into your new home, while giving away or selling those that you no longer need. Before getting too caught up on packing everything you need, you need to take this time to also prepare a survival kit during the first day in your new place.

A Moving Company Lists Down the Must-Haves of Every Moving Day Kit

Why is this important, you may ask? Unpacking all of your belongings to your new home, not to mention setting up all the appliances and your furniture, takes more than just one day, and you’ll need a survival kit to help you get through all the unpacking and setting up. Besides, with all the boxes you have, you’ll have to rummage through them all just to find the things you need as soon as you get to your new home. Here, a moving company lists down everything your moving day survival kit must have to make your first week at your new home become easier.


Everyone in your family will want to clean and freshen up after hours on the road, thus you’ll need to pack the essential toiletries, like toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, and even a first-aid kit, including necessary medications, for emergency situations during the move-in.

Some Simple Tools

Having a Swiss knife or a couple of flashlights will also come in handy when you’re unpacking all your boxes or you’re checking out the essential systems in your new home, like basic electricity wirings and such. Aside from these, you’ll want to take out some garbage bags at the soonest possible time so you can make sure to keep the place clear of trash as much as possible. Remember, there will be more of those when you officially start unpacking, so try to minimize the clutter the soonest that you can.

Food and Drinks

There’s a high chance that everyone will be hungry once you reach your new place. Unless you can wait for another hour to get food delivered to your place, it’s best to have some snacks on hand. You can do with some of the basics, including some bread, granola bars, peanut butter, crackers, milk, and yoghurt, or you can opt to pack some dried snacks that don’t require utensils. Don’t forget to bring along bottles of water. Driving through for some fast food on the way isn’t a bad idea, too.

When preparing for your big move, don’t forget to pack your own moving day survival kit that will definitely come in handy once you’re in your new home. For the actual moving of everything else, you can entrust this to a moving company in Toronto, like Hills Moving.



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