From Moving Companies to Packing—Tips to Make Your Move Go Smoothly

Packing for a move is the start of what is, for most people, a long and stressful experience. Although such phase of relocating doesn’t happen without its share of problems, it really doesn’t need to be as frantic as the day of the actual move. If you’ve chosen the new place, made the big decision and sorted everything out with one of the leading moving companies in Toronto, here are a few tips to help make packing a little easier on you and your household.

From Moving Companies to Packing—Tips to Make Your Move Go Smoothly

First of all, if you’re not reading this a little late, don’t pay for moving boxes. Start off asking among your friends and family, and failing that, your local superstore, garden centre, department store, or anywhere else you can think of that may provide you with sturdy boxes. Moving house may be one of the most costly things you ever have to do, so don’t make yourself pay out any more than you need to.

Another main pointer is to start packing as soon as you know the move is going to happen. Odds are it’s going to take you the best part of the day to organise, pack and mark everything that you’re taking to your new place, and starting the whole process sooner rather than later will allow you to spread this over a longer period in small, manageable sections. The extra time will also save you from haphazardly throwing everything you own into a few boxes, then arriving at your new place and realising you’ve taken a massive amount of junk you should have thrown away years ago.

Leading on from this point, preparation far in advance is an absolute necessity. No matter how much you like to procrastinate, doing a little something towards the move every day can relieve you massive amounts of physical and mental stress. As soon as you can, sit down somewhere quiet and take your time to consider absolutely everything you’re taking from your current home to your new one (a pen and paper is probably a good idea). Think about how much packing material you’ll need for your breakables, and what things you’ll need to have access to straight away at the new place. Once you’ve taken the time to compose an airtight plan, the whole task will seem much easier than before.

A final, slightly unconventional tip is to take a picture of how all of your electronics are wired up before packing them away. A guide to what plugs into what will be more helpful than you can imagine. Then again, if you hire professionals from moving companies like Hills Moving, the entire preparation and moving process will go smoothly.


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