Moving to Brampton in Winter? Get Ready for Ice, Snow and By-laws

Moving to a new city can, occasionally, catch you off guard. Although many cities have similar regulations and situations, assuming that the by-laws are the same from Brampton to Toronto can be an inconvenient, or even costly, mistake. In Brampton especially, knowing how to handle ice and snow is important – as early as on your moving day.

Moving to Brampton in Winter Get Ready for Ice, Snow and By-laws

Brampton is cold and, like much of Ontario, receives at least some snow every year. This means that you should be ready to clear ice and snow from around your home. If you own an apartment, of course, there’s a good chance someone else in your complex will do so. If you own a home, however, you need to clean the city sidewalk in front of it, and if you are on a corner lot, you need to clean the side as well.

Brampton’s By-Law 242-76 states that if your home is positioned to cause snow or ice to fall on the street, you have to clean that, too. There’s no grace period after moving in following these by-laws, although you could ask your new neighbors for help. So if you are moving to Brampton in the winter, do not forget to pack your snow shovel, or any valuable, heavy equipment that might be relevant to the climate in the area.

Upon arrival, or as early as possible, unpack the items since you will be needing them right away. This means that you should pack them last so they will be easy to remove in your new home. Keep in mind that movers, such as Hills Moving in Toronto, charge by the hour and last-minute packing may cost you more. It would be best to have these things ready when it is time to leave.

Naturally, this also means that you’ll want to come prepared with the proper gear, especially when it’s winter when you move to Brampton. You probably already own some of the things you’ll need to do your civic duty and get all of that snow out of the way. It’s also worth remembering to bring the proper winter clothing for Brampton’s climate. Winter clothing can be expensive in winter and hard to find in summer.

Finding packing materials for your winter clothing and equipment will not be a problem with movers. Established companies can provide boxes and tools for your move; it comes free for many. Just make sure you inform movers of what you require way ahead to avoid rush packing.

Moving may seem easy if it’s just within the province or area, but being aware of the rules and climate in your target locale will save you time and money in the actual move.

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