Summertime Moves: What You Should Know

For obvious reasons summer is a much more favorable time of the year to relocate over winter. But summer moving can definitely have its downsides, not least the heat. Make sure you prepare properly!

Here are some summer moving tips that can make things easier if you intend to relocate during the warmer months.

Give Yourself Time

Summer moving requires planning, and you should start early. Begin packing up your possessions at least a month before your moving day, starting with the things you aren’t likely to need in a hurry. Avoid waiting until the last minute.

If you are hiring movers, you’ll need to begin selecting the company you will use a couple of months before hand. It will make sense to start checking out some moving companies early, especially during the summer season, as they are likely to be booked up. Do your research thoroughly on a company by reading their online reviews, review their service offerings on their website and take note on how active they are on their social media channels.

If you are making it a DIY move, you want to research moving trucks and get the boxes you will need for your belongings well in advance. There are numerous places to find free boxes that should suit your needs. Grocery stores and the LCBO are good places to start your search!

Expect Higher Moving Charges

With many people moving in the summer, there is a high demand for the things you need to help you move, so you will likely have to pay more. If you need to rent a truck or hire professional movers, this is the most expensive time of the year to do so.

Families with children use this time of year to move because school’s out, and college students will also be moving in and out of dorms. Even for movers not in these groups, better weather makes moving from home to home popular.

Purge What You Don’t Need

The inner packrat is alive and well within most of us and consolidating during a move is one of the best times to reduce the belongings you don’t really need. Trim the fat! And get make decisions on what you really need and what you don’t. One of the better ways to reduce what you bring to your new home is donating to a local charity.

There are plenty of charities looking for items for those in need! In most cases they will even come to your home for a donation pickup.

Use Storage If Needed

Do you require temporary storage? If so, you will also want to get that squared away while researching movers. Maybe you will have temporary housing before you hit your final destination? Reputable moving companies should have short term storage offerings available for you if needed.

During the peak summer months, you will likely find storage costs to be higher. Consider shopping around for your needs as early as possible if your doing a DIY move.

Stay Hydrated

Having enough water is extremely important, and this is particularly true when you choose to move in the summer. Lifting and carrying furniture and boxes is thirsty work, so make sure everyone involved has enough to drink.

Please see that you have plenty of water bottles readily available for people to take when they need them. You should even do this when you’re using professional movers, because even if they don’t need it, you probably will.

Avoid Moving On A Holiday Weekend

During a holiday weekend like Canada Day or Labor Day, traffic will be brutal. This will being more fuel costs and possibly less help available. Your journey to a new home will likely be more complex, with more vehicles on the road and detours may with construction. These are also the days when the stress levels will be the highest, so avoid picking these as your moving date.

Start Early On Moving Day

Get started as early as possible on the day of your move to avoid the hottest part of the day. You can get most of the difficult work done before the heat peaks and it really starts cooking.

Starting early can also help avoid rush hour traffic. If you can begin your move before 8 am, you’ll likely be driving to your new destination when it’s more humid but with less traffic. If you’re not able to begin as early as that, try starting your move in the late afternoon or evening when it’s a little cooler.

Take Advantage Of The AC If Possible!

If you can turn on the AC in your new home before arriving on moving day, take advantage and do so!. Although this will only be possible if you live nearby and have the keys already, but it will help take the heat out of a hot summer move if this is possible.

If you cannot do this beforehand, it should be your priority when you arrive at your new home. Get your AC working so you and your helpers are working in comfortable conditions.

Protect Your Pets

If you are moving with pets, they need special consideration when relocating generally, and even more so in the summer. While you are busy during the day, don’t leave your pet in your car, not even with the windows open or the air conditioner running. Instead, ensure they are kept in the shade or an air-conditioned room and have enough water to drink.

Use Coolers For Perishable Food Items

When moving to a new home there is no need to throw out any perishable food items. Coolers packed with ice can be used to transport food on the journey to your new home. As long as your coolers remain cold enough, the food should be good when you arrive at your new home.

In Summary

Moving any time of the year is challenging, and sometimes even the best laid out plans may have unexpected challenges. A well thought plan and being prepared will be key for your move to be a successful one.

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