Movers in Brampton Share First-Time Flat Moving Tips for Millennials

So you’ve finally decided to move out of your parents’ house and live in an apartment solo? Good for you! Before you get overwhelmed by the nostalgic excitement of living independently, though, and rush to call movers in Brampton to pack your stuff, note that apartments aren’t exactly like houses to live in. Careful preparation is very important to minimize possible setbacks that may come your way. Here are some tips to help you get to your new life chapter more smoothly:

Movers in Brampton Share First-Time Flat Moving Tips for Millennials

Research the place. Start by choosing the area you want to transfer to. Does it offer job opportunities you’d like to take? Is it a safe location to live in? Is the area consistently developing? Next, look for a good apartment building that suits your needs. How old is the building? What renovations have been done? Were there records of pest infestations? Is it well protected from extreme weather elements? How about the people who live in there, your soon-to-be neighbors?

Spend less on furnishings. Living independently means you’d have to spend for your own needs. No mom to prepare your breakfast or dad to give you your monthly allowance. It is therefore crucial to save money whenever you can. So don’t be in a hurry to furnish your apartment just to impress your friends. Ask your parents for second-hand items they’d be willing to give you. Next, shop around in local thrift stores for cheaper, used furniture. reminds that you actually need to secure just three basic furniture in your first move: a table, a bed and a chair.

Compare mover price quotes. Moving lots of stuff can be very cumbersome so your best option is to enlist the assistance of a professional mover. Obtain a list of moving companies in Brampton and ask details like the hourly rate, tasks included in their service and additional charges for fuel and packing materials. Some companies such as Hills Moving allow clients to minimize their moving expenses by doing the packing on their own, although the companies could provide the packing materials for free.

The lesser the task, the lesser the time spent moving your stuff, the lower the total fee. To speed up the process, Huffington Post suggests you label all your boxes so that the movers can easily determine where to place each in your new home. Create a floor plan in advance and measure doors and hallways to see if the larger furniture can easily pass through.

These are just a few basic tips but they can be very helpful in ensuring a hassle-free transition to your new life. So consider them carefully and good luck!

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