Movers Share Tips on Making Your Moving Day Easier and Less Stressful

Has the thought of moving to a new home caused a feeling of stress and anxiety on your part? You are not alone, for a recent study found that, in the past three years, almost two in three people named moving house at the top of their stress list over other stressful life events, like finding a new job.

Movers Share Tips on Making Your Moving Day Easier and Less Stressful

For Canadians, moving into a new is definitely a cause of madness, and everyone is bound to experience the stressful ordeal of packing all their things and moving them into a new space at least five or six times in their whole life. Moving day shouldn’t be stressful, especially when you keep in mind these tips shared by expert movers to help you plan for the big day.

Organisation Goes a Long Way

It’s easy to get confused as to which box contains which, or even find yourself tripping over a couple of stuff lying around. Avoid this by making sure that all your belongings are organised, and keep your hallways, entries, and staircases free from any boxes and belongings. It also helps to assign a leader for a particular task, and refer all your helpers to this person for any instructions.

Part with Unnecessary Belongings

Packing things that are no longer being used can only make your move more difficult. Do away with all the things you no longer need or want and sell them online or through a garage sale. You may even donate some of your things, including clothes and old toys, to charity.

Have a Moving Day Kit Ready

You can expect that it’ll take days to unpack all your belongings into your new home. Make sure that you have a kit of all the things you need as soon as you arrive in your new space, including toiletries, a couple of paper plates and utensils, a change of clothes, cleaning supplies, and the like.

Schedule Deliveries a Day Later

If you’ve purchased new furniture for your new space, make sure to schedule their delivery after your moving day. This helps you keep focused on doing all your tasks for the moving day itself, while avoiding any congestion between the delivery people and your movers.

Keep in mind all these helpful tips, and entrust all your moving needs, from carrying your belongings to safely transporting all your boxes to your new home, to movers in Ajax On, like those from Hills Moving. With their help, you can be assured that you no longer have to feel stressed on your moving day.


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