Important Factors When Estimating Moving Costs

Because no two residences are the same, moving fees are not one-size-fits-all. You should be able to get a basic quotation that is then personalized for you depending on the distance you’re moving, the number of movers needed, the number of items you’re moving (mainly based on the number of rooms and how heavy are the items you require moved), and how accessible your belongings are during the move. The more detail you provide for your moving requirements, will allow for a more accurate estimate for your move.

Moving Distance And Travel Fees

For moves under 100 kilometers, you can typically get a price over the phone depending on the amount of items being relocated. Because the distance is shorter and the prices are easy to anticipate, some local movers will charge flat-rate travel rates instead of charging by the mile. Long distance moves are seldom subject to flat costs. Moving beyond 100 kilometres or across province will cost extra since you will be charged for mileage, fuel, and time.

Number Of Movers

Required Movers can be paid anywhere between $20 to$50 per hour (depending on their experience). You’ll most likely be charged per hour and per person. Because most moves include the use of two or more movers, you can expect to pay $50 to $100 per hour to move the contents of a tiny apartment. Larger residences or spaces will likely cost more (at least $200 per hour) as more items that require moved more moving professionals are required to ensure the move operates in a timely and effective manner. Number Of Items To Be Moved If you’re moving between completely furnished apartments, you’ll have less items that require heavy lifting by many movers. Because you’re only moving your personal stuff in boxes, this might help you save money. A completely furnished 3 plus bedroom home, on the other hand, takes significantly longer to pack and move resulting in a need for more manpower and moving time.

Moving Vehicle Size

Moving costs are also affected by the size of the moving vehicle. A smaller truck is less expensive since it has less storage space and may have higher fuel economy. One or two 26-foot box trucks, or even a whole 52-foot semi truck and trailer, might be used to transport an entire family. The higher the expense, the larger the vehicle.

Accessibility Of Your Belongings

Moving companies will choose how much access they have to your apartment or home. Moving heavy furniture and products will require more time and effort if there are numerous flights of steps without an elevator. Moving companies may charge an additional cost depending on how difficult it is to reach your home. Please make sure you outline this in your initial conversations for your moving requirements to potentially avoid an attempt by the moving company to add additional fees to your invoice.

The Time Of Year

The majority of people choose to move during the summer when the weather is more comfortable. As a result of the increased demand for movers, costs frequently rise. Approximately 75% of moves take place in the warmer months, so if you can, move in the fall or winter when movers are more available and costs are lower.

Additional Factors To Consider That Could Impact Cost

Each additional moving service that may be required can come at a cost, but more often than not, it’s worth having moving professionals take on the burden of these tasks. Hiring professionals with solid industry experience under their belts will make every aspect of the moving process from start to finish will almost always result in a seamless and stress free experience.

Furthermore, you may have more fragile objects such as a piano or expensive exercise equipment that may require specialized movers. Moving a larger distance, such as across province borders. With rising fuel costs you can definitely expect this as a factor these days that’ll impact the cost of your move. When working out your potential moving costs, also consider these following factors that may impact the final invoice cost.

• Packing and Unpacking Services
• Moving Cross-Country/Province
• Insurance
• Tipping
• Storage
• Additional stops along the way to your destination

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