Make moving with young kids less stressful with these tips

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Even though a new home is exciting, packing up and moving everything can be a little stressful – especially when small children are added to the mix. While children do seem to adapt quickly, allow a couple of days for them to settle in. Be prepared for a few nights when they do not sleep well as they are not yet used to their new surroundings.

Here are a few tips if you are moving house with young children:

  • Talk to Your Children

Even though they may seem too young to understand, your children need an explanation as to why you are all moving. Point out all the positives about the new place and what they can look forward to in your new home.

  • It may be obvious to adults, but make sure your children know that their important belongings – such as special teddy bears and favorite toys – are also moving to the new home.
  • Plan Ahead

Wherever possible, get your children involved in the move. By delegating simple tasks, children feel like they are a part of the process, and fear is replaced by enthusiasm.

  • Kids are skilled mood-readers. By being organized, you will stay as calm as possible, and thereby keep them calm too.
  • Research the best doctors, hospitals, pharmacy, and family restaurant in your new neighborhood before you set off.
  • Whitby movers suggest that you pack up your child’s room last. This secures a haven for them if they are stressed by the “destruction” of their current home.

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