Toronto Moving Company on the Basics Concerning Long-Term Storage

For most of the time, moving to a new location is a straightforward affair thanks to the assistance of a trusted moving company, never taking more than a day to complete. There are times, though, when a long-term storage facility needs to be used to house delicate or personal items.

One of the most interesting facts about the Toronto metropolitan area is that a growing number of families are choosing to relocate from the city center to suburban condominiums. Of course, part of this process involves moving belongings from one location to another, which can be difficult and depending upon the number of one’s items. It may be necessary to opt for long-term storage solutions. Why are these facilities a benefit and what are the few features to look out for when choosing a location?


Climate Control

Specific items must be kept at a certain temperature and humidity level. Examples can be old furniture, valuable paintings, and important documents. Climate-controlled storage facilities can keep the environment at particular levels, ensuring that such items will not be put in jeopardy. Most quality facilities will offer this feature.


Any off-site location should be guarded and offer several security features. A handful of these can include:

  • Key-less entry points
  • Authorized access to a particular unit
  • Security guards
  • Closed-circuit (CCTV) television monitoring

It is wise to make certain that any provider is able offer robust levels of privacy to avoid the potential theft of one’s valuables.


Long-term storage can signify various needs. For one individual, the phrase “long term” may equate to a month or two. Another could interpret this phrase in terms of years. Facilities need to be able to cater to both ends of the spectrum. They should likewise offer amenable pricing packages. In fact, a leading moving company such as Hills Moving can point you to the right direction and even add storage costs to the estimates of your overall expenses, thus allowing you to prepare accordingly. Moreover, any items stored can be insured in the event of damage or theft.

Long-term storage is a common option for many individuals in Toronto who are planning to move to a new location. Still, not all facilities will offer the same levels of safety and reliability. Working with your moving company in addressing these basic concerns ahead of time will ensure that one’s valuables would remain free from harm.

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